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Ecto Maver was born in Rome 1st of September 1973. Music producer, DJ, songwriter, video maker, painter, filmmaker. When he was young immediately he showed his artistic skills and attends painting classes. Over the years he acquires notions of music from their families and environments that attends and start listening to Mozart, Beethoven and all the greats of classical music. When he was 13 years old, with a friend, he bought his first DJ console.When he was 20 years old, with a friend, he made his first Home Studio with Mac Classic II, Cubase, some analog synth, Fx,and 24 channel mixer. Ecto starts to have love and passion for electronic music, starts to invest in the purchase of vintage keyboards, that over the years it will resell unfortunately. 1996 is one of the most important years for his musical growth. Together with Bruno’s brothers, Federico and Carlo, starts the band HYDRO. They have created an explosive sound mixing with the powerful Federico’s voice, Carlo’s amazing guitar and Ecto’s synthesizers with programing of bass lines and drum.
After a series of concerts in the biggest clubs in Rome, the band decided to move to New York, with the help of a producer. The band Hydro lived in New York from 1997 until 2001. They recorded two albums: the first one in the “The Hits Factory” New York City, the second one in several studies between London, Rome and New York. During this time the band performs in famous clubs of the City, CBGB, at Don Hill and other places of worship. In 2001, immediately after September 11th, the boys are forced to leave New York and move to London. They will come back later to America to participate in the music Hit’em Conference in Las Vegas, performing at Hard Rock Cafe’ and winning the award for best band and best innovative sound foreign. Unfortunately,  as time goes by, the relationship between Band and  producer start to slowly deteriorate. Forced to return to Italy, the boys take each one a break, starting to try making music as soloists. Ecto performed in famous locals in Rome with a show of experimental music:”PLASMA ORCHESTRA “with its keyboards and Akai MPC accompanied by percussion, flute and guitar, He has started like dj and producer again. But now, he has more experience and value. During these concerts Ecto also exhibits his painting works. Over the years his love for the arts led him to the meeting with the painting, through which he expresses his concerns as an artist not yet fully expressed, creating works of abstract painting linked to Action Painting and new materials testing. He gives his most beautiful paintings, and while receiving critical acclaim and the support  applauded by a public expert and conscious, he continues to consider painting an outburst of the soul. After a short time in Bologna, during which produces some Minimal Trance tracks, he leaved in Cuba  for a production of a CD of local music. He stays in Cuba for three months. In 2005, he founds the Studiodmav, Multimedia and audiovisual services company. He is very dedicated to visual art and in the same time organizes and manages Service. Becomes a video editor skilled, Apple Certified, and director. By Studiosmav realizes directed Tv for Rai, Premio Roma Danza 2011 and 2012, as director; Backstages for film productions and he works for a short time in the cinema production. In 2008, The Hydro band makes a last attempt to reconstitute the band. With new songs and a new-found apparent harmony, plans and carries out several concerts in Rome, until 2010 the year when the band split permanently. Now Ecto is exclusively dedicated to electronic music and his new family of five, not forgetting the passion and talent for painting.




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