Ecto Maver aka Ettore Apuzzo was born in Rome on September 1, 1973. Music producer, Dj, songwriter, video maker, painter, director. From an early age he immediately demonstrated his artistic skills and attended painting classes.

His first musical experiences are in classical music, influenced by the skills of his family. At the age of 13, he buys his first two Technichs 1200s and a 2-channel mixer and so he starts playing in private parties. Over the years it evolves by buying its first keyboards and drum machines. In 1989, after some travels between London and Ibiza, he made his first Home Studio realizing his first Trance music productions.

In 1996, together with the Bruno brothers, Federico (voice, guitar and lyrics), Carlo (guitar and bass), Ecto (keyboards and programming), he founded the HYDRO band. The sound of the band mixes rock influences with sounds and techno rhythms.

The band Hydro settled in New York from 1997 until 2001. During this period the band records two records and performs in the famous clubs of the City, the CBGB, Don Hill and others cult places. In 2001 the band moved to London for a short period and then to Italy. They will then return to America to attend the Hit’EM Music Conference in Las Vegas, performing at HARD ROCK CAFE ‘and winning the award as an innovative sound and best foreign band. Back in Italy the boys take a break to take each a soloist way. Ecto performs in famous local in Rome with a live set of experimental music, accompanying his keyboards with percussion, flute and guitar, with the name of PLASMA ORCHESTRA.

During these concerts Ecto also exhibits his works. Over the years his love for the arts led him to the encounter with painting, through which he expresses his anxieties as an artist not yet fully expressed, creating works of abstract painting linked to the Action Painting and the experimentation of new materials. He decides to give away and conserve his most beautiful paintings, and although he receives the applause of the critics and the support that could make him applauded by an expert and aware public, for him he continues to be exclusively an outburst of the soul.

After a short period in Bologna, during which he produced some pieces of Minimal Trance music, he left for Cuba called by a dear Italian friend for a production of a local music cd. He remains in Cuba for three months. He lives challenging and pushing himself further, he gets married and gets divorced in a very short time. He is tormented, looking for a sincere sentimental bond. In 2005, he founded Studiosmav, a multimedia and audiovisual services company. He devotes himself to video art forms and in parallel organizes and manages audio / video services for big events. Become a skilled editor, Apple certified, and director. With Studiosmav he realizes Tv direction for italian national channel, Rai, Roma Danza Award 2011 and 2012, backstage for film productions and at the same time he participates with his painting in some collective and personal exhibitions.

To date, Ecto is dedicated exclusively to electronic music, House, Tech House and Techno, Productions and Dj-sets, painting and his new family.

He lives between Ibiza and Rome with his new wife, finally met, his muse and manager, and three children. In 2015 they founded RKI Records with which they produce the Ecto’s releases and other artists.


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